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Here you will get all information about healthcare initiatives in Iraq in the past and upcoming future events along with Top Iraq News and updates on other Expo and Conferences being organized across the country.

Iraq Health EXPO and Conference

Optimism in the air, we are a long ways from 2003 and today in Baghdad you can see people out in the streets until late at night, business is improving and many international businesses are seriously considering investment in Iraq. Health and medical care is one of the most important areas that need massive investment and effort throughout Iraq.

The Iraqi ministry of health with over four billion budget per year is working hard to improve the health condition of citizens and spending considerable sums on hospitals, rebuilding some and adding new ones, on equipment and medicine.There is a significant private sector, thousands of pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and doctors that need urgent new technologies and know how.

Iraq health EXPO is a great initiative to improve the health related services across the country. It brings together several responsible and qualified government and private sector visitors from around Iraq, from the capital Baghdad, from the Ministry of Health in Baghdad, Ministry of Health in Kurdistan, and the many thousands of small and medium size private sector labs, hospitals.

The main objectives of such health exhibitions have been:

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